How to Make Vanilla Sugar

Following is an easy step-by-step tutorial for how to make vanilla sugar.  Use a 1 to 1 ratio of one bean per one cup of sugar.  Vanilla sugar is delicious sprinkled on fresh fruit especially berries.  It's a sweet addition in hot beverages, and can be substituted for regular sugar in baked goods.

STEP 1 - Gather your supplies: sugar, vanilla beans (1 bean for each cup of sugar), paring knife, measuring cup, mixing bowl and whisk or large spoon

STEP 2Using the paring knife split vanilla beans open

STEP 3 - 
Scrap out seeds and add them to the sugar

- Blend Vanilla beans and seeds into the sugar.  Yes, there will be tiny black specks which are just like what you see in Creme Brulee or in finer brands of Vanilla Bean ice creams.

STEP 5 - Package Vanilla sugar including the beans in jars/containers with tight fitting lids and store in a cool place.  As used up add more plain sugar.  Fresh beans will continue to release flavor for months.

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