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Who am I? Home cook. Baker. Foodie. For years I have worked in food industry retail in a spice shop, and bakeries. With friends, family and customers I enjoy talking all day long about cooking and baking, and using everyday herbs and spices to season foods -- making them simply delicious.

What about this website? WikiSpices.com was conceived, designed and built to be your quick online spice and herb resource. We all lead busy lives, so we know you don’t have time to search through a myriad of sites and books to find helpful information on herbs and spices you’re using every day. The basic research has been done, and is laid out in a straight-forward way to give you quickly and clearly what you need and want to know so you can get back to your cooking.

Also, I invite you to become part of the dialog and feel free to contribute to this site by writing a note about your favorite spice or herb, and or, comment on others’ contributions. Sign up for the monthly (emailed at the beginning of each month) newsletter "Spotlight On Spices!" 

Following is the "back story" - on how this website was developed and built.

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