Spice and Herb - Antioxidants

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What Are Spice and Herb - Antioxidants?

Spice and herb antioxidants are micronutrients that help the body combat diseases and delay the damaging effects of aging. They do this by protecting the body’s cells and tissues. Cells and tissues get damaged by harmful chemical reactions caused by oxidation which works to destroy the body. Antioxidants block these harmful chemical reactions.

Daily, our bodies need antioxidants; and, we should try first to get them through eating in a healthy manner, before resorting to taking numerous supplements. Eating more of the following herbs and spices in our foods will help our bodies get the antioxidants needed.

List of Spice and Herb - Antioxidants:

Spices and herbs that work as antioxidants, and help fight disease like cancer, by inhibiting damage to body cells and tissues, include:




Turmeric Spice

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