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Spotlight On Spices!, Issue May 2011 - Cooking Salts: What You Should Know
May 06, 2011

May is the national month for foods such as Asparagus, Eggs, Hamburger, Salad, Salsa, and Strawberries. Last month we highlighted asparagus as spring's first vegetable. This month we'll be looking forward to the "unofficial" start of summer, Memorial Day weekend, and delicious grilled burgers and other goodies seasoned with a sprinkle of this month’s .........


Contrary to what many people want to believe, salt is SALT no matter if it is Himalayan Pink Salt, Kosher Salt, Sea Salt, Table Salt, or any of the many other consumable salts. By weight, table salt and sea salt have about the same amount of sodium chloride; whereas, the less denser lighter weight flake kosher salt has less.

We all need some sodium. Working with chloride and potassium, sodium helps our bodies maintain fluid balance, regulate blood pressure, transmit nerve impulses, and helps our muscles contract and relax.

However, most people, especially Americans, consume daily more salt than they need.

The current recommendation is to consume less than 2,300 milligrams (mg) of sodium a day (about 1 teaspoon table salt). This one teaspoonful includes ALL salt and sodium consumed throughout the day including: what’s used in home cooking and the food you eat at a restaurant, what’s used at the table, and what's in pre-packaged and processed foods you consume.

Some people are more sensitive to the effects of salt than others. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) dietary guidelines recommend that, in general, individuals with hypertension, African Americans, and middle-aged and older adults should limit intake to 1,500 mg of sodium per day (about 2/3 teaspoon of table salt). Lower-sodium diets can keep blood pressure from rising and help blood pressure medicines work better.

Cooking salts quick facts … read more >>>

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May is the Month for:

Asparagus, Eggs, Hamburger, Salad, Salsa, and Strawberries

Our Favorite National Days in May:

2nd - Truffles Day

5th - Hoagie Day

10th - Shrimp Day

11th - Eat What You Want Day

14th - Buttermilk Biscuit Day

19th - Devil’s Food Cake Day

20th - Pick Strawberries Day

20th - Quiche Lorraine Day

21st - Strawberries and Cream Day

22nd - Vanilla Pudding Day

National Hamburger/Cheeseburger Day (Memorial Day)


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