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Spotlight On Spices! Issue November 2012 - Juniper Berries - From Apple Pie to Venison
November 05, 2012

Whew! You still have time to get your favorite doughnut. Today, November 5th, is National Doughnut Day. See below for some of our other favorite national food days being recognized this month.

Last November 2011, we shared information about Allspice - Jamaica Pepper which is a berry from an evergreen tree. Given yet another rush of cold weather here in the Northeast, and feeling still the affects of Hurricane Sandy, we want to share about another versatile spice that can flavor both warm apple pies and belly-warming stews made from venison or fowls. It too is a berry from an evergreen tree. Can you guess what it is? Found in many recipes for Pickling Spices, it’s cooked with a lot this time of year when gamy meats are prepared for both holiday and everyday meals. You guessed right! We’re talking about this month’s …

THE SPICE OF LIFE - Juniper Berries - From Apple Pie to Venison

Juniper Berries are from an evergreen coniferous tree/shrub of the cypress family. This ancient tree has male and female versions that must grow near each other so that berries are produced. These beautiful blue-black berries ripen every two years. Dried berries are more flavorful than fresh ones. Before cooking with them, crush the berries to release their full flavor.

With biblical references about being a tree of protection, Juniper trees are grown primarily in central and southern Europe (especially Italy).

These berries are good for foods like gamy birds and meats: duck, goose, pork, rabbit, squab, venison, wild boar and meat pates. They are used also to flavor salmon, and drinks like gin and beer.

Juniper Berries have an affinity with apples. Blend into apple jellies you serve with lamb and game meats. You can even try adding some of these crushed berries to an apple dessert like a pie or a tart to enhance its flavor.

These berries are one of the ingredients usually found in Pickling Spices recipes.

Considered an antiseptic, Juniper Berries have been used for flatulence and rheumatism.


November is the Month for:

National Fun with Fondue Month

National Georgia Pecan Month

National Peanut Butter Lover's Month

National Pepper Month

National Raisin Bread Month

National Pomegranate Month

Some Favorite National Food Days in November Include:

November 2 National Deviled Egg Day

November 5 National Doughnut Day

November 6 National Nachos Day

November 10 National Vanilla Cupcake Day

November 14 National Guacamole Day

November 20 National Peanut Butter Fudge Day

November 23 National Cashew Day

November 26 National Cake Day

November 28 National French Toast Day

November 29 National Chocolates Day

November 30 National Mousse Day


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