Take the poison out of our food!

by Barbara Cabbell
(Shreve, OH USA)

Why are they using artificial sweeteners in so many products? I have a problem with artificial sweeteners and it is amazing how many products contain some form of sweetener when there is no need for it! Sweeteners irritate my throat and cause me problems with my swallowing reflex.

I understand the big "hoop-la" regarding the over use of sugar, due to our over weight society and diabetes, but what about people like me? I might as well be ingesting poison! Our food already contains enough preservatives and other chemicals!

I suffer with FMA and RA. I am now eating foods as close to its original form as possible. Fresh fruits and vegetables instead of canned, fresh chicken and fish, and herbs and spices. I am avoiding as much processed foods as I can. I only drink water and green tea.

The government is trying to control the fast food industry due to obesity but who is controlling what they put in our food on the grocery store shelves?


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