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Spotlight On Spices! Issue May 2012 - Horseradish - More Vitamin C Than Citrus Fruits
May 01, 2012

Besides bringing us gorgeous flowers, which came earlier this year due to warmer weather, May provides us with a mother-load (pun intended) of foods to celebrate including: Barbecue, Eggs, Hamburgers, Salads, Salsas, and Strawberries. Cheers for National Hamburger Day on Memorial Day - the 28th. Lastly, we get to celebrate both Raisins and Herbs during the entire first week of the month. Talking about herbs …

National Herb Week was established in 1991 by the International Herb Association (IHA) based in Jacksonville, FL, USA. It is celebrated every year during the week prior to Mother’s Day. This first week of the month puts a spotlight on the IHA, and its work to develop and coordinate a national focus on herbs, herbal uses, and herb businesses.

Since 1995, the IHA has selected one herb to be its "Herb of the Year™." Although this year’s selection is Rose, we will step back one year and celebrate the IHA’s 2011 selection, Horseradish as our …

THE SPICE OF LIFE - Horseradish - More Vitamin C Than Citrus Fruits

Indigenous to Eastern Europe, Horseradish is not a radish, and it has nothing to do with horses. A member of the Mustard family, Horseradish has more Vitamin C then oranges and lemons. It is a ancient perennial herb grown for its long rough spicy roots.

Horseradish has a sharp strong hot taste. It’s one of the bitter herbs eaten traditionally for the observance of Passover Seders. Once grated, fresh Horseradish loses quickly its spicy flavor. So, peel and grate only the amount you need for your dish.

Because of its similar hot sharp taste characteristics, Wasabi is considered the Japanese version of this ancient herb. However, the two herbs are different plants.
About health benefits, and foods best seasoned with Horseradish, read more >>>

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May is the Month for:

National Barbecue Month

National Egg Month

National Hamburger Month

National Salad Month

National Salsa Month

National Strawberry Month

And, some of our favorite food days in the month include:

May - 1st Week - National Raisin Week

May - Week before Mother’s Day - National Herb Week

May 4 - National Hoagie Day

May 7 - National Roast Leg of Lamb Day

May 8 - National Coconut Cream Pie Day

May 13 - National Apple Pie Day

May 14 - National Buttermilk Biscuit Day

May 17 - National Cherry Cobbler Day

May 19 - National Devil's Food Cake Day

May 20 - National Quiche Lorraine Day

May 22 - National Vanilla Pudding Day

May 25 - National Brown-Bag-It Day

May 26 - National Blueberry Cheesecake Day

May 31 - National Macaroon day

Memorial Day - National Hamburger Day


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